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Fandom: Rookies (drama)
Characters: Rookies-cast. Okada & Yufune centric.
Genre: Drabble. Part of the "Okada&Yufune's arc"
Rating: PG-13
Disclamer: Do not profit from the story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Thanks to Timelessub for the subs \o/
Note:No beta & in english. Sorry for the mistakes.

Summary: Episode 4. Okada's view of their way of choosing the pitcher.

Okada watches as the boys were fighting to determined who'll be the pitcher. Sitting on the ground near Imaoka and waiting them to settle things, he cannot help but stares at Yufune. This guy was his best friend since the first day they met. But recently, his feelings changed a little. He didn't know exactly what it was, if he saw him like a close friend, a brother -or more. He didn't dare to say something because he wasn't sure himself. And he was very scared of what it could be. A smile was slowly growing on his lips as Yufune was arguing with Aniya. His bestfriend was slightly pouting, like a grown-up kid, and he was absolutely cute.

But he lost his smile as Wakana dares Aniya with girls. The dare in himself was fun but seeing Yufune totally crazy at the perspective of girls hurt him more than he was ready to admit. Their was a foreign emotion stinging his heart. Okada was on his feet heading near Wakana and before he could stop himself, his mouth was speaking.

« Wakana. Will you be alright? »

He wasn't interested about Wakana but more about the bet. He didn't want him to win against Aniya.

« … his balls aren't that fast, don't worry. »

Okada wanted to scream at him 'of course I'm worried!' but he was only able to nod briefly. He was praying Wahana wasn't that good at catcher as all of them were setting to watch Aniya throw the ball. He was tensed and irritate by the others guys who were cheering. His eyes were not leaving Aniya, not even blinking. When he saw the fastball Aniya threw, Okada was relieved and impressed. Their was a moment of silence where Okada was ready to pounced on him and thank him for being awesome. Finally, Okada ran with the team around the field with a light heart. Yufune wouldn't find a girl for the time being.
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