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Fandom: Rookies
Characters: Rookies cast. Okada&Yufune centric.
Genre: Drabble. Part of Okada&Yufune's arc.
Rating: PG-13
Disclamer: Do not profit from the story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Timelessub for the subs.
Note: English again so mistakes, sorry.

Summary: Episode 7. Okada's a smart guy, that's why Yufune stick by his side. Because his decisions made sense.

All the member of the baseball team were in the classroom. Kawato was with them, showing them the list of the Megurogawa's player in the upcoming game. Mikoshiba looked closely and was impressed to see all those famous name.

« Aotoyama Junior High School's Awaguchi and Yamakura and Shibata from another and Hiro Okakita Junior High School's Kouno. »

« Kouno. »

Ogata murmured, his gaze hardening suddenly. He was briefly lost in memories from his junior's years, and those where not the happier he had.

« Speaking of which, Okada, you're from Hiro Okakita, too, right? »

Wakana looked at Okada with interested. He was probably hoping Okada would give him some story about his old school and his baseball player sempai. Wakana was a sucker for the gossip stories Okada always fed him. But this time, Okada didn't seem willing to indulge him into it.

« Yeah. »

« They are all well known names from junior high school. They're all in the same class range as Aniya. »

Oblivious to Okada's bad mood, Mikoshiba was talking. None of them really noticed how the usually loud teen was quiet, his head hung low, except for Yufune. The nya-boy was eye-ing his best friend with anxiety, guessing what was in his thought.

« Random opportunity is less important than venue, venue is less important than social ability, by Mencius. It means that no matter what you do, self is the most important thing. Right? You guys have a weapon that wont lose to anybody, called team work. Have confidence. »

As usual, Kawato was trying to fire them up by telling sappy stuff. But this time, neither Yufune nor Okada were in the mood. Okada was in his thought, staring at the name-list with anger and Yufune was anxious about his best friend. Finally, Aniya pushed himself up and leave for the rooftop. With a silent agreement, the meeting was ending and all of them find something else to do.

Yufune began to walk away knowing Okada would follow him without a word. He stopped when they reached the toilet and made sure they were alone. Okada didn't look up and leaned against one cubicle. Not knowing what to say, Yufune stared at his best friend for some times. He took a deep breath and ask:

« Are you okay? »

Surprised, Okada looked up. He knew Yufune was able to see right through him but it was always strange.

« … I... Yes. »

« Liar. » Yufune said coldly. « Don't lie to me... don't. »

There was an edge in his voice and Okada heard it right away. Nodding his head, he stares at the floor while saying:

« I hadn't thought it would be like that. I knew we would have a hard time because of Enatsu... But... Did you see the others? Fuck. Even Kouno'll be here! »

Yufune didn't spoke. He let the other teen blurting everything out. He knew Okada needed to say everything out loud to make a decision. And whatever would come out of it Yufune would be here and would stick with him 'till the very end.

« I thought... we... maybe we would have been able to win against Enatsu. But they're all better than us. None of us can compete. Not even Aniya. »

The last phrase was only no more than a whisper but in the silent room, Yufune was able to heard it clearly. And he was scared. Okada was someone who was always thinking, making calm decision with facts. And this time, the facts weren't good.

« It's not just about fighting our ghosts. It's fighting the Gods. I... I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I can take it... if we lose. It would crush us down. »

Okada's eyes fixed Yufune's one and he didn't need to say the last part of his mind out loud to let the other know. 'It would crush you down'. It hanged in the air between them. It was full of unsaid feelings and hidden emotions. Yufune take a step forward, smiling sweetly and hugging the other boy tightly. Okada's arms find their way around Yufune's waist as the others arms were circling his neck. He let the taller one hugging him, and lost himself in the forbidden feeling, his head falling on his shoulder. The answer was just a whisper in Okada's hear.

« Whatever happen, it would be okay. As long as you're with me, I'll be okay. »

\ later on the rooftop /

Okada and Yufune made their decision and didn't talk out loud while making their way on the rooftop. They wanted to speak to Aniya. As they approached the best player of their team, he turn around and smiled at them.

« Hey. Where's Wakana? I have a favor to ask him. »

Okada didn't respond to his smile.

« Actually... »

Aniya's smiled dropped. He sensed something was off with those two who usually were loud and annoyingly happy. He looked at them seriously and nodded his head briefly. He walked back inside the school, making sure the other two were following him. The silence was heavy but none of them dared to break it anyway. The classroom was empty except for the baseball team. As if everyone knew they needed to be here. Without a word, Aniya sit down on his usual chair. Okada and Yufune stood up in front of all of them and spoke up.

« Quitting the game? » Mikoshiba repeated, not believing what he just heard.

« It's more like... If we're going to do it, we should gain more skills. Nya? » Yufune said, looking at Okada for support.

« But we need to beat our ghosts. »

« Kouno is stronger than you think. Even if he's a delinquent, he used to be a baseball hero at our previous school. He has always been the one I thought of as unbeatable. »

Okada's tone was defeat and rebellious at the same time. He explained them his reason, he wanted them to understand his reason. He needed them to understand it was not just because he was afraid.

« But you... »

« I thought we'd manage if it was just Enatsu. But they're all strong, right? They're the best sixteen. Do we even have a chance? »

He cut him with a strong, angry voice. They were missing the fact! They didn't see what was important. He finished his last sentence with a point of defeat and pleading voice.

« The damage will be too big if we lose. And on top of that, it's Enatsu. If we lose to him, we shouldn't even be thinking about Koshien. »

Yufune backed his best friend up. He didn't want him to feel alone. He knew sometimes Okada felt lonely because he was the only one who made calm and rational thinking. But this time, Yufune would help him. The silence that follow Yufune's speech was awkward, uneasy.

« Don't be afraid, dumbass. Let's go. »

Aniya tried to lighten the atmosphere. He forced a smile and made his way to the door but Okada stopped him.

« Then can you beat Enatsu? He... started that incident. But his baseball skills are better than yours. If you can't do it then there's no way we'd be able to! »

Okada was angry and the word he used weren't the best one. He knew as soon as the words leave his mouth he shouldn't have said that. But as Aniya dashed to him, it was too late. Aniya punched him, his fist collied harshly with his cheek. He fell and hit violently his head on the table. Yufune tried to catch him but was too late. Okada's head was throbbing painfully and he didn't feel good.

« Hey baka! You didn't have to hit him! »

Wakana's hand was on Aniya's arm to make him back away from Okada but he was shoved away. Aniya grabed Okada by the collar and forced him to stand up. Yufune's was ready to jump on Aniya but Okada was on his way and he didn't want to hurt his bestfriend more than he already was.

« I'm not in on this alone. We can win because of all of you guys together. We were finally able to make it up till now. After the brawl, what do you think that Enatsu bastard told me? He said Nikogaku will never reach Koshien with that level. Don't you feel humiliated being mocked bu that bastard? I want to win by all means necessary.I want to show what we're capable of doing! I want to go to Koshien with you guys!  »

The tension between the two of them was palpable. Both of them had different point of view and none of them was ready to let things go. Aniya was kind of desperate. He was already feeling that their dream of Koshien was drifting away. And because of the one he thought he never would have a problem with. He and Okada always were on good term, Okada being to smart to ticked Aniya's off. It was their first time fighting over something. And that made both of them uneasy and embarassed.

« Aniya. »

Finally, Aniya let Okada go. He looked away, his breathing heavy and say:

« So cut it out with the shameful crap, you fool. »

Aniya was a little embarrassed by his outburst. And Okada didn't dare to look at his face. He was thinking about what was said but his previous conversation with Yufune came back in his head. He was torn between two options and he didn't know if he was supposed to follow his head or his heart. Feeling the Yufune's gaze boring in his back and the team looking at them, he made a choice. He took a breath and leave the room, head low. Behind him, he heard Yufune's footstep and was somewhat rassured that even if his decision of following his head was not the best... he wouldn't be alone.

They made their way out of the school, walking without a word being spoken. Suddenly, Yufune grabbed Okada's wrist and squeezed tight. He just wanted the other to know he was here. He hoped the smaller wouldn't be too harsh on himself, he knew how much Okada's mind was capable of guilt trip and stupid remorse.

\ the day after /

Both boys were walking, making there way out the school after their day. Okada was thinking over and over about what happen. He felt guilty for taking the baseball away from his best friend again. He was struggling against himself. He knew it wasn't really his fault. But since they knew each other, Yufune always follow him. The nya-guy told him one time that he was the only one who made the most logical decision and for that, he would always be by his side. And even if it was a relief to know that Yufune'll always be there, at time like this it was a big responsibility. Trying to convince himself, he told no one:

« All I did was make a calm decision. »

« But I'm happy, nya. That he considers us friends. »

That was the final blow for Okada. He stopped walking, his head low. He didn't dare looking Yufune into his eyes. The guilt was far too heavy. Something caught his eyes on his right and he turn, Yufune doing the same. They saw all the baseball uniforms drying on the sun. Curious, they went to look closer, Yufune leading the way. They didn't expect to see Kawato with an old man sitting on a chair. The teacher was drying their uniform while the other one was watching him silently. As Kawato began to spoke with his usually big voice, they heard everything.

His speech about each of them. Yufune felt as if he wanted to cry, moved by the faith Kawato showed in all of them. Okada's guilt slowly goes away and left him uneasy. He wanted to reach for Yufune, to ask him why Kawato believed in them. He wanted to thank their teacher for being able to read them so easily, to understand them and put faith in them nonetheless.

As Kawato stop speaking. Okada and Yufune turned to look at each other. With one glance, Yufune knew that Okada was thinking about coming back to the team, to fight with them for the upcoming game. And Okada cannot stop a little smile growing upon his lips as he knew Yufune would follow him, once again. As they walk away, they saw the team waiting behind them. They didn't know since when they were there but from the look on there face, Okada was ready to bet anything they heard the speech from their coach. They exchanged tensed smile and, like they shared the same thought, made their way to practice. The team was back together once again and this time, nothing would tear them apart.
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