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Fandom: Rookies
Characters: Rookies cast. Okada&Yufune centric.
Genre: Drabble. Part of Okada&Yufune's arc.
Rating: PG-13
Disclamer: Do not profit from the story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Timelessub for the subs.
Note: English again so mistakes, sorry.

Summary: Episode 8 (17.46) 'We gotta get our head in the game' as Troy would say sing (High School Musical copyright ._.)

« But we're trailing by 7 points. »

Yufune had lost his usual cheerful tone and began to feel crushed. He was thinking that maybe, maybe, Okada had been right all along. He should have known, the smaller boy was always right. Megurogawa's team was too strong for them. They would lose and their dream of Koshien would disappear before they had a real chance.

« It's all right. For us. »

Mikoshiba tried to reassure him. But it didn't seem to work very well.

« Idiot. Aniya's curveball is being read. » Yufune said, standing up.

« That's not true. » Aniya denied.

« Then how come they've been hitting them all? We're losing by too many. No matter how I think about it. »

Yufune had totally lost hope. The reality in front of his eyes was too hard to handle. He should have believe Okada when he had told him he wouldn't be able to stand it if they lose. He had thought as long as his best friend was here, everything would be okay. But now, he wasn't convince anymore.

« There's no way we can. »

Shinjo moved before Yufune had finished his sentence and punched him in the face. Okada stood up with the rest of the team and watched Yufune hit the wall and falling on the ground. His heart was screaming at him to kicked Shinjo back but his head was telling him not to do anything right away.

« What the hell are you doing? » Yufune screamed like mad man.

« Stop acting like those ghosts! There's no way I'm quitting now. I... We're still in the middle of the journey to our new selves. If we give up now, we'll be back to that shitty place. » Shinjo told him angrily.

He didn't need those comment right now. He didn't want to heard any hopeless comment or they all would break down and lose the game. As long as the match wasn't over, it was not impossible to make a come back.

« Shinjo. »

« We cannot lose like this. This isn't all we got! »

And just like that, every one of them was ready to fight with all their guts again. Okada helped Yufune back on his feet and rocked his back lightly for a couple of second before turning away, back into the game.
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