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Fandom: Rookies
Characters: Rookies cast. Okada&Yufune centric.
Genre: Drabble. Part of Okada&Yufune's arc.
Rating: PG-13
Disclamer: Do not profit from the story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Timelessub for the subs.
Note: English again so mistakes, sorry.

Summary: Episode 8 (21.55) They'll win. Whatever it'll take.

Okada was batter once again and this time, he wouldn't be strike out. Not twice in the same match, he swore himself. As Enatsu threw the third ball, he knew what would happen and was ready. He gritted his teeth, close his eyes and waited for the shock. The ball it him on the head, making his helmet fly away as he felt to the floor with a loud noise. Nikogaku team was up and Kawato was already on his way toward Okada when he saw him stand up, taking his helmet with him.

Okada felt a throbbing pain in his head because the shock with the ball had been strong and his head had collied hard with the bat in his fall. Add the fact that he had been hurt recently because of Aniya when he felt on the table after the pitcher punched him didn't help. Okada knew that the pain wouldn't lessen for the rest of the day. But it was worth it. He stood up and began to walk when he heard a voice.

« You should have avoided that one. »

He stopped and turned back. He knew he made the right decision. Whatever happened they needed to fight for their win. He wouldn't let the team down and more importantly, he wouldn't let Yufune down. His best friend wasn't sure of himself and the doubt wasn't that far away. It was simple.

« We need to win. » He explained and turned away.


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