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Fandom: Rookies
Characters: Rookies cast. Okada&Yufune centric.
Genre: Drabble. Part of Okada&Yufune's arc.
Rating: PG-13
Disclamer: Do not profit from the story. All creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Timelessub for the subs.
Note: English again so mistakes, sorry.

Summary: Episode 9 (33.20) Okada'll do anything to protect Yufune.

As the baseball team were attacked by those stupid kouhai who wanted to rules Japan, they made a run trying to escape without a fight. They split in groups, screaming at people in the hallway to not bump into them. The leader of the kouhai, Kamisaka Eishin, and two of his friends ran after Okada and Yufune. As the leader tried to hit Okada with his baseball bat, Yufune was kept in place by the other two, making him helpless to reach his best friend. All he could do was look as Okada threw himself on the floor to avoid the metal bat, the glass of the broken window falling on him.

« Okada! » He screamed, afraid and full of anger, but that result in being punched in the face.

« Yufune. »

Okada tried to go to Yufune but Kamisaka hit him with his bat on the back with all his power, making him fall again on the floor. He was scared that they would be bitting up and that their dream to Koshien would be crushed when Kawato came and stop those punks. Protecting his head with his arms, waiting for the next blow. But a voice stop the kouhai, it was Kawato's. Never before Okada had been more happy to heard his teacher's voice.

Without he can explain what happen, Kawato and the leader suddenly disappeared. However Okada didn't take time to think twice about it and looked back. The sigh of Yufune on the floor make him go berserk. Okada loose every ounce of control he had and launch himself at the other two.

Their dream to Koshien, their hope to change, their promise to leave behind who they once were... everything flew out of his mind. He was only thinking about Yufune, his best friend, the most important person in his world, being beaten the crap out of him by those filthy bastard. He wasn't aware of his aching back nor his throbbing head. He didn't mind the pain in his fist as they made contact with the others skin. He just want them to never ever again dare to hit Yufune.

Not far away, Yufune stood up and fight with Okada. He didn't have the rage that was driving the other crazy but he was strong enough to make sure his best friend would hurt himself or the other to badly. After several minutes, their kouhai were whimpering on the floor. Okada had this fire burning in his eyes, making him look insane. Yufune was a little scared but when he saw Okada ready to kick the two, he took his arm and forced him to look at him.

« Okada! »

The other one stopped everything but his face showed the same burning desire to destroy everything. On impulse Yufune put a hand on Okada's cheek and whisper:

« Yuya-chan... »

That did it. The surprise on Okada's face made Yufune smile. He hadn't called him like that in awhile. Then Yufune seemed to remember where they were and let Okada go, taking a step back. He threw a glance at the mess on the floor, breathing hard. Okada did the same. Then, someone screamed Okada's name and the teen looked up. Wakana and Hiyama came running to them. They stared at each other in silence and rushed all at the same time to find the rest of the team.
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